Help for Someone Else

If you are a partner, friend or family member of someone who you think has a problem with gambling or a gambling addiction we can:

  • support you
  • help you clarify whether gambling is a problem
  • develop strategies about how to proceed
  • how to have those difficult conversations about gambling addiction
  • steps to take to protect your finances
  • understand the various treatment options
  • help with ensuring safety

We will provide ongoing counselling and support for as long as you find it helpful. We can also provide financial counselling and referral to other services if needed.

Video Resources

The following video resources have been produced for Responsible Gambling Awareness Week 2017 and highlight the impact of problem gambling on a gambler’s family member or friend.

Sam’s Story

Sam struggles with his partner Sheila’s gambling and the impact it has had on their family, business and relationship. Living on a rural property, Sam tells us of the unique issues the couple faced in seeking help.

Lucy’s Story

Lucy tells us the impact her partner Lachlan’s gambling had on her and her children’s wellbeing and the steps she took to get help.

Sharon’s Story

Sharon shares with us the history behind her son Lachlan’s gambling, and the physical and emotional effect it had on her. She highlights the reasons why seeking help is important for family members of problem gamblers.

Dreaming of the Big Fish – Coming Soon

This is a short film of an illustrated story that uses a simple, but universal metaphor to de-stigmatise gambling addiction and enhance help seeking.  Stories in all their forms and genres have always served to engage our empathy, expand the way we think and grow our understanding of ourselves. This story will therefore be a valuable resource to engage audiences and clients around “problem gambling”, how people who develop problems may be viewed (blamed, judged), and how family and friends can effectively support loved ones.