It’s a problem if…


If you or someone you care about is spending more than they planned and thinking about gambling a lot, then it could be a gambling problem or addiction.

Some signs to look for in yourself:

  • you hide your debts from your partner
  • you feel like you need gambling help
  • you use your mortgage money for gambling
  • you feel your gambling is becoming an addiction
  • you think about gambling a lot
  • you lose interest in your friends and social life
  • your desire for gambling is becoming compulsive
  • you know you don’t have any spare money, but you gamble anyway
  • you lie about where you have been when you have been gambling
  • you feel your gambling is becoming a problem
  • you think about suicide

Some signs to look out for in someone you care about:

  • you are worried they have a gambling addiction
  • their gambling is becoming a problem
  • they stop going to work
  • they borrow money for living expenses
  • their gambling appears to be compulsive
  • they don’t want to see their friends
  • your partner is hiding money from you
  • you don’t spend time together the way you used to
  • they have mood swings
  • they are secretive about where they are going